Loft Conversions

Electrical Service Team can provide a range of loft conversions including 'Dormer' loft conversions, 'Roof light' conversions and 'Mansard' attic conversions. Having a house extension like an attic conversion is a good investment. It can create a lot more space without the hassle and cost of moving, but also add value to most houses.

What is a Dormer Conversion?

This option is where the existing loft space is of insufficient size for the proposed conversion; it creates additional headroom for the staircase and new room or rooms contemplated. If an additional bathroom is proposed along with the rooms the increased height created by the Dormer provides additional height above the fittings.

What is a Rooflight / Velux Conversion?

This option is generally adequate for those contemplating the smaller loft conversion, generally for a single bedroom; study etc, where adequate height is available within the existing loft space. Rooflights can then be installed with a minimum of disruption.

What is a Mansard Conversion?

This type of conversion is generally designed within the inner London areas, where clients are following the Mansard trend of similar conversions within their locality. This type of conversion was the preferred design a number of years ago, and would most likely be the preferred option from a planning perspective in sensitive areas.