Installation of Solar Panels Systems

A solar PV system creates solar electricity by using the energy from daylight. Direct sunlight is not required, so your solar panels will produce solar electricity even in the winter, helping to lower electricity bills, reduce carbon emissions and reduce the environmental impact of electricity production.
You will not only save money by producing your own solar electricity, you could also benefit from government incentives through the feed in the tariff scheme.

Microgeneration of Solar Electricity has many benefits.

  • Produces and uses your own solar electricity
  • Microgeneration of solar electricity helps reduce the damaging environmental effects of burning fossil fuels
  • Reduces your energy costs
  • Sell any surplus solar electricity that you produce
  • Government incentive gives guaranteed income for 25 years

Here at Electrical Service Team, we are expert solar panel installers who specialize in the installation of solar PV systems for both home and commercial use. We are fully accredited as a solar panel installation company by MCS and the Renewable Energy Association, and our fully trained staff are always on hand to provide information and advice on all aspects of solar panel installation, the feed-in tariff and solar PV in general.

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